Simplify BYOD with two numbers on one mobile

Eliminate the cost and hassle of corporate devices with Resilient’s smartnumbers for BYOD. Simply manage business calls and texts on your personal mobile, empowering staff to work from the device they want to use.

 Keep sensitive personal calls private and comply with privacy law such as GDPR, by separating business and personal communications on one device. Business calls and texts are automatically charged to the company, so staff gain time back from expense management.

Slash mobile costs

Wipe out the cost of corporate mobile devices – with BYOD employees pay for their own devices, personal calls, texts and data plans. Now you can free your organisation from hardware support and IT operational expenses, saving up to £1370 per employee per year.

Stop spending money on inaccurate stipends and reimbursement claims by automatically billing only for calls and texts from the business number. Take advantage of corporate discounts on data – your smartnumbers business numbers work with the mobile network or plan of your choice.

Boost staff productivity

Give staff the flexibility to stay connected from anywhere and enable them to use the device they work most effectively on. No need to carry, use, charge or manage two phones. 

Start benefiting from the productivity gains of more engaged, happier workers. Attract talent and meet the demands of the tech-savvy Millennial workforce with a responsive mobile policy that allows them to use the up-to-date devices and apps they want.


Be a lean, green workplace

Drive your green agenda and reduce the environmental impact of supporting a second mobile device for each employee – just one smartphone requires 13 tonnes of water and 18 square metres of land to produce.

Two numbers, one phone means no need for employees to carry a second mobile phone. Tick your sustainability and compliance boxes by enabling the compliant mobile recording of employees’ business conversations from any personally-owned device.

How BYOD works

Download to any device

Download app to any iOS or Android phone – no need to change networks or install a new SIM.

Use corporate mobile number

Provide staff with a second number on their mobiles that keeps business calls and texts separate. Present only the business number to clients and customers.

Automatically split bills

Automatically bill calls and texts to the company, so no more time-consuming reimbursement claims. Eliminate admin burden.

Discover how smartnumbers can help your business

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Features in-depth

Separating business and personal mobile calls
  • Manage communications to your separate business and personal identities on one mobile.
  • Keeps personal calls private, while adding a smarter business mobile number.
  • Callers are given the choice to leave a voicemail or speak to a delegate when calls go unanswered.
  • ‘Call Whispering’ allows you to identify whether a call is being made to your personal or business mobile number before you accept the call.
GSM quality calls
    • Ensures the highest call quality and availability wherever there is a mobile signal.
    • Avoid the need for softphones, VoIP or other low-quality call services.

Answer your mobile calls on other phones

    • Route mobile calls to any phone to overcome issues with poor mobile signal.
    • Avoid international roaming charges by routing mobile calls to a fixed-line or VOIP number when abroad.
    • Divert calls to a delegate or voicemail when busy or unavailable to ensure mobile calls are always answered.

Split billing

  • No administration burden of identifying business and personal calls, business calls and texts are automatically charged to the company.
Call recording
  • Choose to record business calls for personal convenience, notetaking or dispute- resolution. Call recording may be initiated at any point during the conversation.
  • ‘Always-on’ recording enables compliance with regulations such as MiFID II and FCA COBS 11.8, including the requirement to record mobile calls and texts, even on privately owned phones.
  • Personal calls and texts are not recorded.

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