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Resilience and flexibility for public sector organisations


19 local authorities, half of all the UK’s fire and rescue services and over 5,000 staff at London Ambulance Service rely on Resilient to protect their essential communication services such as emergency control rooms and critical care lines.

Resilient’s smartnumbers give you powerful number management and proven protection from call disruption. Be assured your staff can always be reached, wherever they are.


Cut mobile costs

In the wake of sweeping budget cuts, public sector organisations are faced with the significant challenge of doing more with less.

Every penny spent on IT has to reduce costs and drive operational efficiencies while improving service delivery.

That is why many public sector organisations have stopped providing and supporting expensive mobile devices for staff. 80% of public sector IT managers say a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy means significant cost savings, according a recent study.

With smartnumbers you can wipe out the cost of devices by allowing staff to work from the phone of their choice. Give staff a dedicated business number for making business calls on any device, with automatic split billing.


Accurately record meetings


It’s becoming increasingly important to maintain accurate minutes of meetings between front-line staff and citizens, particularly in settings such as social services and care.

This may be to protect staff from claims of malpractice, provide management oversight into the most critical cases or ensure consistency to better engage with service users.

But note-taking and recording can be intrusive and damage rapport in sensitive situations where it may not be appropriate to be typing, writing notes or setting up equipment.

With Resilient’s interview recording service, you ensure absolute accuracy of note-taking and train staff more effectively by recording audio of interviews and assessments. Discrete app-based recording and instant transcription means you can quickly record from any mobile device, and store audio in the secure vault for review by senior management.

Protect critical calls

Whether it’s a community lifeline such as a call-care alarm for the elderly, or a control room handling 999 calls, many calls into a local authority are a matter of life or death.

These organisations need to know that calls will always reach the right person, no matter the circumstances.

But failures and outages in the local telephone exchange are common and present a serious risk to phone lines. And if they cannot gain access to their usual premises for any reason, call handling staff need to know that they can carry out call forwarding on the move.

With smartnumbers, you can be prepared for the unexpected, with call protection you can trust. The service automatically monitors calls and diverts them to alternative locations in the event of any unplanned disruption to phone lines or premises, or you can easily pull calls to any mobile or desk phone. 

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