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Agility and control for businesses

More than 800 private sector organisations trust Resilient to deliver their critical communication services and keep them in control of calls to their business at all times. Leading UK pharmaceutical, retail, transportation, automotive, technology and business services organisations use Resilient’s smartnumbers services to improve efficiency and effectiveness across the workforce.

Protect your revenue and reputation, mobilise your workforce and ensure calls always get through to the right person, by managing your numbers from the smartnumbers cloud.

Cut costs + boost productivity with BYOD

Enterprise mobility is evolving. Where once companies provided mobile devices to a select few, they are now embracing a more flexible approach that enables mobility for all.

Mobile strategies such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and COPE (Corporate owned Personally Enabled) drive not only productivity for staff but dramatically cut costs.

BYOD can also help companies attract and retain the talent they need. The Government’s 2013 Future of Work study reported that 92% of millennials identify flexibility as a top priority when choosing a workplace.

With smartnumbers mobile, you stop supporting expensive corporate mobiles and give staff the freedom to use the phone they are most productive with, by providing a separate business number on any device.

Protect critical calls

As organisations move more of their business online, customers value  being able to speak to a person over the phone. But studies have shown that customer satisfaction drops at every failed attempt at contact.

It is estimated that missed calls lose UK businesses over £30 billion a year, while failure to promptly answer calls can mean untold long-term damage to reputation.

This is why it’s essential for businesses to make phone calls part of their business continuity plan and eliminate the risk to revenue and reputation from phone line disruption.

With smartnumbers your business never misses a call. Automatic failure detection ensures incoming calls are diverted to alternative locations or a mobile, and you control where incoming calls are delivered in different scenarios, so calls will always reach the right person.

Simplify your office move

For organisations moving to a new premises outside of their local exchange, it may not always be feasible to take their phone numbers with them. But retaining their published phone numbers means retaining customers.

It’s common for companies to underestimate the impact of changing phone numbers when relocating, especially considering the number of places they are published.

It can also be a challenge to carry out the move with the least possible disruption to normal operations, as calls from customers, suppliers and partners still need to always get through to the right person. Many organisations move in phases in order to minimise this, but this can add complexity.

With smartnumbers, you can cross telephony off your office relocation checklist. You keep the geographic numbers your customers and partners know, wherever you are. Seamlessly migrate your staff all together or in teams, by porting your numbers to the smartnumbers cloud during your office move.

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