How not to bill for BYOD: the reimbursement trap

Mar 31, 2017

Enterprise mobile strategies used to be simple. You’d provide a company Blackberry to those who needed it, and pay the phone bill at the end of the month.

That was until the iPhone and other consumer smartphones exploded onto the scene, and changed everything, as this fascinating look at the history for corporate mobiles explains.

Enter the era of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)- a model which has quickly become the new normal as IT managers have realised they were fighting a losing battle trying to hold back the tide of unsanctioned device use in the workplace. Instead, by going with the flow and allowing staff to use the shiny new smartphone they already carry everywhere, pay for and know how to use, they could be saving their company a fortune in corporate mobiles while letting users feel empowered to get things done in their own way.

When these technologies were in their infancy as workplace tools, there was genuine concern from IT departments over the security of the cloud and personal devices for work. Thankfully, this has largely now been addressed with the rise of Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) software, and a better, more proportionate awareness of the risks.

But it’s not just the IT department that BYOD has affected. It’s created a new headache for the finance department in proportioning the right amount for monthly corporate phone bills. How to split bills between business and personal use is still a contentious issue that has the potential to cause confusion.

The aim of a BYOD programme is to achieve harmony between employees and their organisations. Get it wrong and you risk upsetting that delicate harmony and ending up with disgruntled employees who feel they’ve been conned into paying more than their fair share. Or you end up out of pocket or unable to claim the right amount of tax.

To help solve this problem, we present four common ways companies get BYOD billing wrong – and one alternative option, smartnumbers for BYOD, that may be the time and money-saver you were looking for.