Interview Recording

Keep accurate records of face-to-face meetings for compliance or dispute resolution through a simple app which records conversations that are securely stored in the cloud.

Record easily and reliably

Record audio with a simple-to-use app on your device. Ensure your voice files are always captured even when not connected to the internet, with offline recording.

Capture high quality audio from interviews and meetings without the need for extra equipment, at the simple touch of a button on your phone or tablet.

Securely store interview recordings

Securely store files within the smartnumbers vault in the cloud, encrypted to the highest standards of security. Easily pool and share conversations or allow access by authorised staff for oversight and review.

Keep accurate and up-to-date recordings of conversations happening across your organisation to help quickly resolve disputes and maintain trusting relationships with clients and customers.

Quickly identify conversations

Locating the right conversation is easy with customisable metadata and powerful search. The search uses the automatic transcription of conversations to find conversations where keywords were spoken.

How Interview Recording works

Mobile call recording MiFID II

Download to tablet or phone

Download recording app. Log in, enter the client or interviewee’s details and simply tap record.

Automatic call recorder

Automatically archive audio

Send recordings to the cloud, or automatically store them on the device until a connection becomes available.

call recording and monitoring software

Monitor + review

Locate and replay recordings through the easy-to-use web console or monitor all conversations in real-time.

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