Fraud Prevention

Reduce contact centre fraud and improve customer experience by identifying suspicious calls before you answer.

Reduce fraud loss

Protect your reputation and avoid account takeovers by accurately accessing the level of risk of incoming calls before answering.

Real-time analysis examines attributes of the call signalling that is only available at the network level to identify typical malicious behaviour, such as if the caller has spoofed their calling line identity (CLI), or if the call has come from a high-risk operator.

Improve customer experience

Improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by reducing the reliance on time consuming knowledge-based authentication.

Identifying suspicious calls before answering and redirecting to specialist teams allows contact centre agents to focus on satisfying customer calls rather than prolonging insecure customer identity-interrogation.

Simple implementation

Quickly secure your contact centre with network agnostic anti-fraud services that works with your existing telecoms infrastructure and telecoms provider to avoid a long, complex implementation.

How Fraud Prevention works

Mobile call recording MiFID II

Network integration

Integration with the core telephone network exposes insight into calls not available to the enterprise.

Automatic call recorder

Real-time analysis

Identify suspicious calls by detecting anomalies in the call signalling, such as caller ID spoofing, and caller behaviour.

call recording and monitoring software

Redirect to specialist teams

Define how suspicious calls should be handled before answering.

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