Fixed-line Recording

Remove the complexity of recording calls to your fixed-line phone numbers, whether for regulatory compliance or dispute resolution.

Record business conversations

Whether you need to record your inbound calls for compliance or dispute resolution, calls are automatically recorded, securely stored in the cloud and can be replayed through the online console.

Easy to set up

Call recording is network agnostic, so works if you have a SIP or ISDN network. It’s also cloud-based so doesn’t require any changes to your telephone system.

Securely store recordings

Call recordings are encrypted and archived in the cloud for a highly secure, scalable and reliable repository for all your audio files. Recordings are stored for as long as you need.

How Fixed-line Recording works

Mobile call recording MiFID II

Record every call

All incoming calls are automatically recorded in the network to comply with call recording regulations.

Automatic call recorder

Securely store recordings

Automatically encrypt calls to the highest standards of security and store in the cloud. Files are tamper-proof once stored so you stay compliant.

call recording and monitoring software

Monitor + review

Locate and replay recordings through the easy-to-use web console or monitor all conversations in real-time.

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