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7 out of the top 10 global investment banks and 3 out of the top 4 UK retail banks rely on Resilient to ensure the compliance and continuity of their communications. With Resilient’s recording, monitoring and call protection services you can be assured of meeting the highest levels of compliance with FCA regulations, whether staff work from the office or remotely.

Stay compliant on mobile

Come January 2018 the financial services industry will need to comply with much more rigorous regulation around mobile call recording.

Under MiFID II rules, not only will more types of firms have to record more conversations than ever before, but they will have to store them for longer and monitor them regularly.

At the same time, upcoming privacy regulation such as GDPR dictates that personal information must not be recorded or kept – an overwhelming challenge for firms that allow staff to make personal and business calls on one phone.

With smartnumbers mobile call recording service, you can effortlessly and cost-effectively meet upcoming MiFID II and GDPR regulations. Record only business calls and texts on any mobile device, automatically archive them for as long as you need, and review them in the web-based compliance console. 

Record interviews reliably

While existing MiFID II regulations don’t demand the electronic recording of customer interviews, they do state that face-to-face meetings are equivalent to those taking place over the phone.

Furthermore, the Financial Ombudsman Service is increasingly asking for evidence to settle disputes betweens firms and their customers.

With the financial industry racking up a collective bill of over £23 billion for claims over missold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance), it’s become crucial for firms to safeguard their reputations by providing irrefutable of good practice.

With Resilient’s interview recording service you can now record audio of all in-person business conversations together with phone calls, and automatically store them in the tamper-proof cloud vault, for comprehensive review of all your business conversations.

Protect your business calls

Most organisations are aware of the need for a comprehensive business continuity plan in order to swiftly resume services in the event of disruption.

But according to FCA figures, 15% of financial services companies don’t have a business continuity plan in place at all to address how firms will continue to communicate should they be unable to access their desk phones for any reason.

With smartnumbers, you ensure your business never misses that crucial call, with automatic call diversion in the event of a fault or emergency. Customisable call routing plans let you stay in control of where your calls are delivered at all times and respond to customers and colleagues from wherever you are.

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