Robust telephony control for the defence industry

Over 40,000 Ministry of Defence personnel in the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, as well as UK military reservists and temporary staff use Resilient’s services to facilitate flexible working and ensure the reliability of critical communications.

Resilient’s military-grade voice services have been trusted since 2004 to enable agile working capabilities, protect phone calls from disruption and accurately record communications across the most demanding of customer environments, delivered to the highest standards of security and availability.

Protect critical military communications

In military organisations, it’s essential that personnel can respond from anywhere in the world, even in the most challenging environments or emergency situations.

Communications plans need to cater for eventualities to ensure that incoming calls always get through to the right person, whether from a desk phone or mobile. 

With smartnumbers business continuity service, you can balance agility with resilience thanks to high-availability call failure protection. Ensure incoming calls always get through to the right person, with the ability to divert calls to any location or any in the world.

Enable agile team working 

Military organisations are increasingly introducing flexible workstyles that support a diverse workforce better work-life balance.

Flexible working initiatives drive operational efficiency by ensuring military and civilian personnel can make or recieve calls in all circumstances, whether on the move, from secure sites or when working overseas.

The military also employs a large number of temporary employees and reservists. Calls need to be securely routed to the right person, team or location, no matter how often people change between roles.

With smartnumbers, you can meet the challenge of flexible working by giving staff the ability to answer calls to their business number on any desk or mobile phone. Cost-effectively enable your temporary workforce by giving them a work number to use on any device, allocated to the role, not the individual.

Record and transcribe interviews

Meetings between senior military personnel need to be transcribed with the highest level of accuracy and made available to participants across the forces, often within minutes.

With Resilient’s interview recording service, automatically create secure, fast and accurate transcripts. Record meetings from any mobile device, quickly provide accurate meeting minutes and easily locate excerpts with intelligent keyword and metadata search.

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