Mobile call recording

Record mobile calls and texts

Record employees’ mobile calls and securely store them with Resilient’s smartnumbers – whether you need to record for training, note-taking, dispute resolution, or regulatory compliance. Always-on, network-based recording ensures you automatically capture every text and call.

Easily record and monitor only business calls and texts on any device, keeping personal conversations separate in compliance with privacy law.

Record on any device or network

Cost-effectively record mobile calls without the need to change carrier or buy a dedicated SIM, so your staff can carry on with business on any device.

Ensure GDPR compliance and protect personal data. Number separation means you record only business conversations while keeping personal communications private.

Securely store recordings

Securely archive encrypted audio and texts in the cloud for as long as you need – no need to invest in more storage as regulations change or as your recording requirements grow.

Easily and cost-effectively comply with new regulations such as MiFID II that demand you record and store more conversations, with unlimited storage capabilities.


Review with ease

Monitor conversations in real-time or flag keywords for compliance and training via the easy-to-use web portal, which automatically transcribes audio into text.

Identify customer issues early, spot trends and monitor staff performance by searching for and analysing key phrases within your conversations.

How mobile call recording works

Mobile call recording MiFID II

Record on any device

Record calls on any corporate-provided or personally-owned device – no need to change SIM.

Automatic call recorder

Securely store recordings

Automatically encrypt calls and texts to the highest standards of security and store in the cloud. Files are tamper-proof once stored so you stay compliant.

call recording and monitoring software

Monitor + review

Instantly transcribe audio into text, for fast and easy search and review. Locate and replay files through the easy-to-use web console or monitor all conversations in real-time.

Discover how smartnumbers mobile call recording can help your business

(minimum order of 10 users)

Features in-depth

Record business calls and texts
  • Record calls on-demand for dispute resolution or for note-taking.
  • Personal calls and SMS are not recorded.
  • Enables compliance with regulations such as MiFID II and FCA COBS 11.8, including the requirement to record mobile calls and SMS, even on privately owned phones.
Secure storage of recordings and SMS
  • All data, including recordings and metadata, are encrypted in transit using TLS and at rest using AES 256 so only you have access to recordings.
  • Files are encoded with HMAC and access to these files is captured in an audit log to provide evidence of tampering.
Format of voice recordings
  • Call recordings are stored as .wav files.
  • Files are encoded with a sample of 441,000 Hz and a bit rate of 128kb/s.
Transcription of conversations
  • Conversations may be automatically transcribed, enabling the full-text of the conversation itself to be searched and reviewed.
  • Transcription is provided at the highest levels of accuracy.
Answer your mobile calls on other phones
  • Route mobile calls to any phone to overcome issues with poor mobile signal.
  • Avoid international roaming charges by routing mobile calls to a fixed-line or VOIP number when abroad.
  • Divert calls to a delegate or voicemail when busy or unavailable to ensure mobile calls are always answered.
Data assurance and compliance
  • The smartnumbers platform has industry-recognised certification including PCI DSS Level 1, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, FedRAMP and HIPAA.
  • Data storage is compliant with EU Data Protection regulations.
Quickly and replay recordings
  • The smartnumbers compliance console provides a real-time view of all recordings, including in-person conversations recorded using the smartnumbers face-to-face recording service.
  • Authorised personnel can locate and download files but cannot delete them from the smartnumbers vault.

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