Business Continuity

Protect reputation and revenue during periods of disruption. Always-on phone line protection means you can be confident calls will always get through to the right person, no matter what happens.

Avoid business disruption

Make assured communication with your organisation an integrated part of your business continuity plan, by safeguarding calls to your business numbers.

The smartnumbers service automatically monitors and instantly diverts calls when a failure is detected, so you have complete peace of mind you will always be reached.

Plan ahead

You decide where calls will be delivered in the event of a failure, outage or adverse event. Easily create custom dial plans to control where calls will divert to in different scenarios.

Ensure business resilience in the event of a telecoms outage, an equipment failure or if you are unable to gain access to your premises. With the smartnumbers service, you control call forwarding to your choice of landline or mobile anywhere in the UK.

Stay in control

Control everything via the easy-to-use web portal, so you have complete management of where your incoming calls are delivered to.

Take action to divert calls from wherever you are. Override your contingency plan and choose where your calls are delivered in real-time using the web portal or a phone call, giving you true business agility.

How Business Continuity works

Mobile call recording MiFID II

Port your numbers to the cloud

Protect your calls from disruption by porting your number range to the cloud, where they can be individually diverted to more convenient locations.

Automatic call recorder

Create custom dial plans

Create up to five dial plans that reflect your organisation’s unique contingency strategy, with the ability to divert to desk phones or mobiles.

call recording and monitoring software

Automatically or manually divert calls

Automatically or manually divert calls in the event of a failure or problem, or use personal override at any time to pull calls to wherever you are.

Interested in Business Continuity?

“ The smartnumbers service, coupled with other resilience mechanisms, now means we are as disaster-proof as it is possible to be. ”

Teri Seaber,
Group Commander Joint Fire Control, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk Combined Fire Control

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