How to ask for help: top tips from customer support

Mar 21, 2017

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a consumer product such as our cloud music account at home or something at work that involves setting up a piece of technology for a whole team or organisation, when it comes to implementing any new technology service or tool, there are always going to be queries, issues to be resolved and requests for features or information.

Your smartnumber services are designed to work as an overlay with whatever existing tools and infrastructure you already have in place, and to be as simple to manage as possible. But like any technology product you may need help with them from time to time.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your contact with us, so we can solve your issue as quickly as possible.

1 Just ask

My number one tip would be: don’t be afraid to ask for help. Our friendly customer support team know the products inside out and enjoy helping you get the best out of them. We serve customers from financial services giants, public sector organisations and the Ministry of Defence, to SMEs. So we can work with you to make sure your smartnumbers solution is bespoke to your needs. There may well be features you don’t know about or things you haven’t tried- our team will be happy to explain. Or try our extensive online resources for product guides, as well as tips on integrating smartnumbers into your business strategy and advice on compliance, mobility, number management and business continuity.

2 Drop us an email

It’s easiest to contact our support team via email. Email is useful when it comes to validating that you are the authorised contact for security reasons, so we can more quickly and efficiently answer your query. Drop us a line: During business hours (8.30am-5.30pm) you can also drop us a line on the phone at 0306 790 2000. We will always ask you for a follow-up email to confirm your identity. For out-of-hours emergency support, you can pick up the phone and press option 2 to reach an engineer. Additionally, you the option of logging into the customer support portal via Zendesk to raise a query directly on the platform, or keep track of responses and the progress of your request.

3 Give details

When contacting us, it’s helpful to have as much information to hand as possible about your request or problem, with details such as times, dates, your smartnumbers and any previous customer support case reference numbers. You may even want to show us a screenshot of an issue for absolute clarity (it’s usually pretty simple to do- a quick Google search for your mobile operating system will show you how).

4 Help us help you

When I asked around my support team what would be the number one tip for customers, they all said this – it’s a good idea to check your equipment on site is working as it should first. As is often the case in life, sometimes the most obvious reason is why something isn’t working – so best to eliminate the obvious! Things such as a bad internet connection are quite common issues: without WiFI or 4G internet calls will drop. Also, ensure you’re using your smartnumbers dialler and not your native phone dialler.

5 Let us know how we’re doing

Lastly, we value your feedback! It’s how we learn, plus it makes our day to hear if we’re doing a good job. So please make use of feedback forms, questionnaires and social media channels (make sure to Tweet us and follow us on LinkedIn.)