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Two numbers, one mobile

Call recording

Face-to-face recording

Business continuity

Two numbers, one mobile

smartnumbers mobile provides a second GSM mobile number on any mobile phone, enabling business and personal calls to be made from the same device with separate number presentation and split billing for each. The service includes a range of innovative features not found on ‘normal’ mobile numbers, including call redirection, call forwarding and on-demand call recording.

Fixed and mobile call recording

More organisations are looking to record calls, whether for compliance, dispute resolution or best practice. smartnumbers provides comprehensive and cost-effective call recording for all fixed-line and mobile corporate communications.

The service records both calls and SMS messages and provides secure storage, eDiscovery and retrieval of all call recordings.

Face-to-face recording

Whilst increasing numbers of businesses record and store calls for compliance, dispute resolution or best practice, face-to-face meetings are rarely recorded. In the increasingly litigious environment within which UK businesses operate, this could be a dangerous omission.

smartnumbers face-to-face enables businesses to record meetings and securely store these for analysis, transcription and retrieval as required.

Office moves

Organisations invest a great deal in their geographic telephone numbers, on business cards, advertisements, brochures and other material. It’s important to retain these numbers if the company moves premises, since lost calls can result in lost business.

With smartnumbers not only can you retain your numbers and route calls to your new premises, but the service de-risks and protects the moving process itself. Furthermore, after the move has been completed your incoming calls are protected by the most resilient voice continuity service available in the UK.

Business continuity

Organisations depend upon receiving their incoming calls, and any disruption can impact both revenue and reputation. For emergency services, a missed call can have even graver implications.

smartnumbers is the market leading voice continuity service which monitors all incoming calls and automatically diverts these whenever a failure is detected. The service also provides a business portal for planning and call routing to predefined call plans to ensure your business never misses a critical call again.

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